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Trillium Awards


The Trillium Award was originally conceived as the brain-child of builder, Scott Larson, and then Minneapolis Builders Association (MBA) Membership Committee chair.

The original objective was that; a series of awards to Associate Members would be presented in conjunction with the Parade of Homes. The purpose of the award would be to stimulate a very high increase in Associate membership and to enhance Associate member benefits in the Minneapolis Builders Association.

The concept began to develop with the formation in April 1988, of the MBA Associates committee which re-named itself the Builders Resource Group. One of its sub-committees was assigned the “Spring Preview Awards” along with the task to come up with the name for the award which would ring with a little more class. John Waldron of Lyman Lumber is credited with coming up with the name, Trillium. The Trillium is a wildflower which comes up in the springtime and is native to Minnesota. The first Trillium Awards were given in conjunction with the 1989 Spring Preview Parade of Homes which was held in the middle of April.

Over the last 21 years, the Trillium Awards has continued to evolve. Today this award continues to honor the quality of BATC members products and services and the cooperation between builders and associates, now within five major categories: Best Bath, Best Kitchen, Best Interior, Best Special Area and Best Exterior. Recipients can be proud to display their award in their model homes and offices. And so they should be…they have been judged a winner by experts in their respective field.

True to its namesake, this award returns again each year to bloom in spite of circumstances that change around it. The Trillium has become an established and recognized symbol for the Builders Association of the ongoing partnership between Builder and Associate members.

Reggie Award of Excellence

Reggie Award

The name Reggie stands for Registered Builder and is a program that was created in 1957 to promote a higher level of professionalism in the Twin Cities’ homebuilding industry. The registered Builder program proposed what was, for its first time, an innovative concept;builder members were required to subscribe to a Code of Ethics and be approved by a Board of Certification in order to become a member of the BATC (Builders Association of the Twin Cities). The Reggie Awards were conceived as an adjunct to the Fall Parade of Homes to showcase these Registered Builders to their peers and the public.

Today’s members of the BATC have made further advancements in professionalism. They must be licensed builders in the State of Minnesota as well as subscribe to a Code of Ethics and to a set of Association-approved Minimum Quality Standards.

Today’s builders are highly educated and trained, creating homes of quality and value for Twin Cities families. The Reggie Award of Excellence recognizes the very best of this tradition, and has been held every year during the Fall Parade of Homes.

Judged by a panel of peers (area builders and industry professionals), the winners are selected after an in-depth on-site visit followed by a discussion between judges to ensure the very best of the best earns this award.