We hired Jim Kuiken Design to complete the floor plans and elevations for our upcoming retirement home. Phone consultations, emails, 3D imaging and snail mailed large scale drawings were all executed with timeliness, precision and flare. Jim is extremely knowledgeable, a great listener and a stellar designer…. We highly recommend Jim Kuiken Design. Can’t wait to continue our relationship with Jim and see the final build! You are a DESIGN ANIMAL…….perfection.
Karen S & Doug B. – Kingston, Ontario Canada

Jim is professional and has great knowledge of design and remodeling. He made sure that all aspects of the design and remodel were accounted for to avoid mistakes that an amateur would typically make. This reduced the cost and timeline of the remodel. He returned calls and emails timely and has a great network or trades and references that provide all products and services. I would recommend Jim if you need any design or project work that you need help or need to be managed.

Diane B. – Minnetonka, MN


I have had so much fun working with Jim Kuiken. I highly recommend him if you are looking for simple, clean design. Frustrated with the layout of my living room for years, when I started my home remodeling project I decided that I needed professional help to pull it all together. Jim had great ideas the first time we even met. The several consultations since have been teaching experiences where Jim suggests but yet I get to choose. He started with a piece that I already had and used it to tie everything together. His services have saved me so much time in consuming tasks such as carpet, wall colors, furniture selection and design elements for the home.

I have receive many compliments and I feel very comfortable in my newly remodeled home.

Mary T. – Edina, MN


Jim was our design consultant when we built our new home. He was our primary contact with the builder during the design process all the way through a majority of the construction.

Jim was critical to the design process, and we are not sure what we would have done without him. We did not have a lot of preconceived ideas, and Jim really helped us move through the process with advice that was very much on target. He brought his own thoughts and ideas into the process, but all the while treated our thoughts and ideas with respect. We were able to see Jim’s work firsthand in some other homes, and that was very helpful. All of Jim’s work was first rate.

Jim was very helpful regarding all aspects of the process, including;

*layout options and considerations

*Exterior design, finishes and colors

*Interior architectural features, finishes and colors

Jim was very responsive to questions and available when needed. We felt he treated our questions with a sense of urgency and went out of his way to respond at all hours of the day. He was good at focusing us on decisions that needed to be made to keep the project on schedule, and we could count on him to complete whatever work he had to on schedule.

Jim is very talented, conscientious, and passionate about his work. We highly recommend Jim and would use his services again.

Andy & Annie H. – Shoreview, MN


We met Jim Kuiken at a Parade of Home and saw the beautiful home he designed and decorated. Jim was very warm, professional and the home was elegant yet functional. We decided to have Jim help us update and decorate our home. It was fantastic! I have received many compliments on the decorating and color selections. We truly enjoy working with Jim as he’s honest, cost conscious and someone you can count on. After interviewing some other decorators/architects for our new home, we were so impressed with Jim and his work that we have rehired him!! He has already exceeded our expectations on the architectural plans of our new home. In addition, Jim is very knowledgeable and has a great work ethic. He surpassed our four criteria we use to hire; that of being affable, available, able and accountable.

Nazifa & Mansur S. – Golden Valley, MN


Jim is the absolute best. He truly listens to what is important and makes it happen! Jim pays attention to every detail and makes sure that the home is a reflection of the family that will live there. His design ensures the most functionality for daily life and includes special touches that make the home beautiful and charming. To top it off, Jim is a delight. He has integrity and heart. He works hard for his clients because he cares. We are so grateful to live in a home that Jim designed. Each day is a reminder of his incredible work. We haven’t stopped getting compliments on our home since we broke ground!

Maren & Brad H. – White Bear Township, MN


It was a pleasure working with you. You brought a great “new” perspective to the build. My home is definitely better due to your involvement and suggestions. You helped me get out of my box on certain items. I appreciated the approach you displayed with me. Sometimes you were floating things out there for me to consider. Sometimes you were trying to help me get out of my own way. Sometimes you were leading. I liked the change of pace and the respect you showed me throughout the process. Awesome job!! I love the final product!!

Matt M. – North Oaks, MN


Jim Kuiken has the unique ability to transfer my thoughts into creative and unique ideas…taking my outdated and over crowded rooms into the new decade. It was a pleasure to work with Jim. He always had great ideas, kept within my budget and his gentle persuasion guided me to make the best decisions for myself and my home. I would highly recommend Jim-he deserves five stars!

Deb K. – White Bear Lake, MN


It was a pleasure working with Jim. He took the time to understand our needs and listened to the way we wanted to utilize the spaces. He presented floor plan concepts and options for design and helped us select the best design for our lower level. He was involved throughout the entire design/build process and assisted us with all material selections. We were on a very narrow timeline for completion and Jim made himself completely available to us at all times-we very much appreciated this. After the build was completed, Jim helped us with furniture and artwork selections. We would highly recommend Jim for architectural planning and interior design. We have worked with other designers and by far, Jim is the most creative, understanding and respectful of the budget. He has a vision to see the end space – even if we as home owners may not. We trusted him completely and are extremely satisfied. He designed a space for us that is completely livable and fits our families needs more than what we would have imagined.

Sanjay K. – North Oaks, MN


I have studied and compared Jim’s design work in the Twin Cities housing market for many years, and find his work to be consistently cutting edge. He redefines the term ‘Modern’ not making it too out of the box but in subtle ways through the use of design, color, shapes and use of materials. He has an excellent eye for light and understands the magic of using windows. The glass tends to be larger, with a twist on shape, and strategically placed to open the entire home. His window use can psycholgically make a home feel hundreds of square feet larger. His attention to detail is beautiful. It can be something as simple as the use of a floor covering to create a statement in a mudroom or wood beams in a great room. Working in model homes that Jim has designed is a true labor of love, with repeat customers coming back again and again to savor the design obviously giving us the opportunity to connect. He has a firm understanding for listening and communicating with the client. Best of all, he is low key and a wonderful human being. Thank you!

Chuck H


Very creative, listened well to our needs and was able to achieve our goal within allocated budget. Final product as good as promised.

Dr. Abdel A. – Plymouth, MN


Jim Kuiken helped my husband and I with updating the main level of our home. Our goal was to better utilize space while bringing a more modern feel to the rooms. Jim transitioned the traditional feel of our home to a more fresh and chic vibe. He helped us bring our personality into the space by mixing our old pieces with new, perfectly chosen styles. The variety of materials brings life into our home and we just love it! My husband and I would never attempt a project without Jim’s knowledge of design. He is really fun to work with and we are now using Jim’s experience to finish our lower level. It is coming along better than we could ever envisioned it to be. We see it a privilege working with Jim Kuiken as the spaces he creates are filled with all the right choices to bring a room to life. Jim is very attentive to each and every question we have by quickly responding by phone or email.

Jack and Randi R. – Ham Lake, MN


Jim is excellent at what he does not just because of his skills, which are substantial, but because he truly cares that his clients have a GREAT experience. Accordingly, he takes the time to get to know you and your interests and style. His reccommendations have made our home building experience fun and satisfying.

Jim and Diane – Shoreview, MN


I have known Jim for several years and have teamed up with him on a few projects. When my wife and I decided to finish our basement, our obvious choice was Jim Kuiken Design. We know he is a multi-award winning designer and have always loved his work. We, on the other hand are not so good in this department and basically told him to do whatever he wants. We couldn’t be happier! Everything from the tile selections, contrasting colors to the type of carpet were more than we had hoped for. Would absolutely use him again!

Ed and Leah – Blaine, MN


Jim’s vision of design and attention to detail is like no other. He has a great eye when it comes to design and trends. It’s been fun to be a part of his design process. When you’re looking for a designer, look no further than Jim Kuiken. You’ll truly be glad you decided to use his skill.

Jason Z.


I was introduced to Jim Kuiken through Accent Homes when I decided to build a home for the first time. Trust me when I say, I had little experience in home design. From our first meeting, it was clear that jim was able to take my long list of desires and turn them in to reality. He see’s beyond conceptual drawings and has an ability to sculpt a space that provides high-end visual impact and a design flow that seems effortless. His assistance in filtering the vast amount of possibilities for the design into a manageable number of choices, helped me craft the home I always dreamed of.

I built a rambler home with a walk out lower level on 60 feet of lakeshore property. Jim’s design influence created a layout that provided maximum exposure to lake views from as many rooms as possible while maintaining privacy from neighbors. His suggestions for the layout of the master bedroom and bath allow me wake up to the incredible lakeside sunrises and sunsets that drew me to the property in the first place. The modern and high end kitchen design maximizes working space and enhances a natural transition into the dining and living room.

At times, I was hesitant to accept some of his suggestions. Once I saw how his concepts came together, I trusted his judgement and was rewarded with and outstanding outcome. Once the home was completed, Jim continues to assist with design ideas regarding everything from living room furniture choices to tile selections. I had very specific ideas about the rustic looking lower level I wanted. Jim helped me shape those ideas into the rustic man cave I’ve always wanted.

Jim Kuiken is an excellent designer. I highly recommend his services and would not hesitate to utilize his design talents for future projects.

Captain Lawrence D. – Minneapolis, MN


It has been fun watching your design career blossum over the years. Your attention to detail is magnificent, something that is lacking in so many homes. Your features are always creative yet functional. Obviously much thought is put in to everything. My frustration is that I want to move in to every home you do!

Michele M.


Thank you so much for all of your superb and wonderful creative ideas! Your suggestions stretched us to higher levels of design that we wouldn’t have been able to do on our own. You ‘totally’ got the look we wanted, and our home is so comfy casual with a soft, delicate touch of elegance.

Thank you ‘so’ much for your faith in us and in helping us bridge ideas to our dream reality. It has been enriching for us to get to know you – you have a neat sense of humor and it helped get us through a very busy time in our lives. Thank you!

With sincere appreciation, best wishes and warm thoughts of you,

Joan and Carol – Robbinsdale, MN


Your talent in home design, space utilization and attention to details always amazes me. Seeing the work you do with new construction and remodels truly reflects a unique and natural gift.

Scott Lawrence


We are thrilled to have received your name as a reccommendation to work with you for interior and exterior design. We have been extremely happy with the results thus far and are excited to continue to work with you on our home both inside and out! We’re so thrilled that your design aesthetic melds so well with ours. You’ve brought so many fabuous ideas to our home which we could never have acheived on our own.

Kim & John – Edina, MN


When we first noticed Jim Kuiken’s design in the ‘Lakes of Blaine’, we were amazed at the level of sophistication and creativity. It was truly unlike anything we had seen while searching online for a new home in the Twin Cities. Before we ever knew him, we had become captivated by his impeccable taste and incredible attention to detail. Much to our dissappointment but not surprisingly, this home sold before we had a chance to see it in person. It seemed others had appreciated his talent as well.

As we contemplated our next move, we looked at many other homes but none had the appeal of the former Kuiken design. With a bit of trepidation we decided to build our home with Jim’s help…all the way from New York. What followed was several months of long distance evening (and sometimes late night) correspondence exchanging ideas and reviewing plans for our version of a soft ‘Tuscan Contemporary’. With busy lives and tight schedules we were only able to meet in Minneapolis on a couple of occasions. It was during these visits that Jim’s organization, product knowledge, keen sense of style and amazing ability to synthesize ideas while customizing a home unique to the individual family became so apparent. The whole process seemed to flow as seamlessly as the carefully orchestrated transitions between rooms in the new home we were planning. Along the way, a genuine friendship was forged out of trust, admiration and mutual respect. Jim, with his dynamic personality, was able to help us both navigate this entire process making the right choices for us, individually and as a couple, while respecting our budgetary constraints and lifestyle choices.

A year later we look back, having thoroughly enjoyed every day in our new home. We recently had a chance to view Jim’s latest creation in the ‘Lakes of Blaine’. Once again, we stood in awe at his ability to subtly carry a theme effortlessly and unforced through each room in the house. The creativity was once again refreshing and, upon touring it, one can’t help but want to live in every Kuiken designed home…even if just for a single day and night.

If ever you’ve considered designing a home all your own or simply remodeling a room or two in your current home, Jim Kuiken should be your first, last, and only call. He embodies the concept of concierge home design and unequivocally receives our highest recommendation. Thanks for everything, Jim.

Kindest Regards,

Dr. Cole and Dr. Christine – New York, NY

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