My wife and I purchased a 1940 Cape Cod 2 summers ago. We saved up enough budget to remodel our front driveway and entry way this year. And off we went…and began the search for an architect that could help us.

We interviewed four architects during the selection process, and fortunately for us, Jim was one of the four. First, he was referred by a trusted friend and local realtor. I’ve always viewed word of mouth referrals as the best. To simply put it, Jim knocked our socks off compared to the other three architects. I think what set him apart most was his desire to get a true “feel” for us, our home, our style and most importantly, our home’s character. He specifically came on multiple site visits to capture this “feel” PRIOR to giving us a bid or starting his work.

After those first few visits and interactions, Jim started to dive in. I would first note that Jim is a true Pro – always prompt, always courteous, never out to make a buck, or rush through a meeting/drawing/etc. We continuously felt that that our home and our project were as important to him as if they were his own home – that’s a rare gift and something we were blessed to find.

We thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. It was 5 stars – a perfect fit, a perfect design (which originally we had not envisioned), affordable and within our budget…and the list goes on. And the most amazing part of it – it never gets old. Every time we pull in our house and look at our new front entry (which was completely hidden before), we think what a privilege it is to live here. It’s timeless.

I’d highly recommend Jim to anyone looking for a great architect and person; and personally, I will never work with anyone else.